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Here are our means of protecting your personal information.

Privacy Policies
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This company is registered under

"Effluves de Sérénité" in the

Register of Quebec Enterprises.

The person responsible for the

Protection of Personal Information

is Judith Poirier, owner. 

For questions or requests for information:

To know the security standards of our web host:

And also the privacy policy of my professional association:

Measures in place

--> All client records are exclusively in paper format to prevent any attempts of computer hacking (old-fashioned but effective!).

--> No personal information will be shared with a third party for statistics, advertising, mailing lists, or references.


--> As stated on the treatment file, no information will be shared without your written consent. If such an event were to occur, it would only be in case of a dispute.

Dunes de sable


--> Only your name (or username) and email are required on the website for reservations.

--> You can edit your profile online to modify or remove information whenever you wish (except for the name and email, which are necessary for the proper functioning of reservations).

--> The website and are protected by a two-step password and the security provided by our hosting provider (Wix) exceeds the level required by Law 25.


--> Only Judith Poirier, owner, has access to the treatment records. They are kept locked when she is absent.

--> After 3 years without contact from you, your treatment record will be destroyed. The destruction will be complete and permanent (through shredding and then incineration).

--> If you wish to obtain a copy of your treatment record or your booking information, it will be sent to you via email in PDF format with a verbally pre-determined password.

--> In the event of a confidentiality breach involving your personal information, you will be notified within 24 hours of the incident. Information will be recovered (if possible), and the responsible individual(s) will be prosecuted.

Pampas fragiles


--> Banking information is not stored unless you choose the option to do so during a purchase on the website. This action is not recommended.

--> The information requested during a web order

(address, name, phone) is encrypted and inaccessible to anyone except Judith Poirier, the owner.

--> After 3 years without a purchase or reservation, all data related to you will be erased: contact details, activities, orders, reservations, and invoices.


-->This deletion of personal informations can be done at any time upon your request.

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