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Organic Hemlock Essential Oil (5ml)

Use in cutaneous application or diffusion only.

Hemlock essential oil has several health and wellness benefits, including:

+ Expectorant effect: it relieves congestion in the respiratory tract and facilitates breathing by acting as an expectorant.

+ Antiseptic Effect: This oil is rich in antiseptic compounds that can help kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.

+ Anti-inflammatory effect: it helps reduce inflammation in the body, relieving pain and joint stiffness.

+ Relaxing effect: it relieves stress, anxiety and tension by acting as a natural relaxant on the central nervous system. It promotes letting go and is slightly sedative. She also offers her help in case of addictions, anxieties, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, latent or seasonal depression. Finally, it also facilitates meditation.

+ Antispasmodic effect: hemlock essential oil contains molecules that reduce muscle spasms and consequently associated pain.

+ Analgesic and anti-inflammatory: it reduces muscle and joint pain as well as those caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Do not use: During the first 5 months of pregnancy, during breast-feeding and in children under 6 years of age by the cutaneous route.

Organic Hemlock Essential Oil (5ml)

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