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What is nail fungus?

Onychomycosis, more commonly known as nail fungus, is an infection caused by a fungus. It attacks the nails of the feet and hands, but more frequently the feet. It is important to know that treatment is absolutely necessary to treat this condition. Let’s first look at what exactly this fungal infection is. ​


The signs 


Several characteristics are likely to suggest a nail infection. Among these, we find among others:

  • Nail discoloration;

  • A thickening of the nail;

  • The crumbling of the nail;

  • The fragility of the nail;

  • Yellowing of the nail.

Risk factors 


Nail fungus is called “dermatophyte”. It is composed of several microorganisms that have the ability to multiply rapidly. Certain conditions favor the development of these microorganisms, such as: ​

Poor blood circulation, slowed growth and thickened nails make older people more vulnerable. ​



Being exposed to humid environments and often having wet hands or feet increases the risk of infections. ​


Bare Feet

Floors in public places, such as swimming pools and locker rooms, are often contaminated. Walking barefoot is therefore risky, given the high degree of contagion. ​


Athlete's foot

The fungus that causes athlete's foot can cause fungal nail infection. ​



The type of psoriasis that affects the nails increases the chances of contracting nail fungus. ​


A lesion

Cuts or lesions to the skin or nails are a real gateway for infection. ​



Abundant sweat creates a favorable place and favorable conditions for the proliferation of microorganisms.


Stockings and shoes

Lack of air circulation through socks and shoes increases the chances of developing this condition. ​



The disease weakens the immune system and impairs blood circulation, which lowers the body's defenses and increases the chances of infection. ​


Being a man

Men are more often affected by nail fungus than women and children.



Good hand and foot hygiene reduces the frequency and risks associated with nail fungus. Simple everyday actions could save you a lot of trouble, for example:

  • Keep fingernails short and well groomed;

  • Avoid sharing toiletries, such as nail clippers;

  • Avoid nail polish and false nails;

  • Wear shoes or sandals at all times in public places;

  • Disinfect shoes with disinfectant and antifungal powder. ​


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Some photos of mild to moderate cases

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